MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Sewa | Urban Transport Scheme in Madhya Pradesh

By | July 13, 2018

MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Sewa | Urban Transport Scheme in Madhya Pradesh {मप्र की अपनी बस-सूत्र सेवा योजना | मध्य प्रदेश में}*: Each and every person should have an easy access to their capital city. The present government has realized this fact and planned a very good scheme to connect all individuals of the state of Madhya Pradesh to their capital city Bhopal. The capital city has the headquarters of all major government office. Along with this capital also plays a vital role in the judicial purpose with High Court located in the capital. Under this condition, it is quite natural that people would be required to visit their capital frequently. To facilitate this necessity the Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister announced “MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Seva Scheme”.

MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Sewa | Urban Transport Scheme in Madhya Pradesh

MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Sewa | Urban Transport Scheme in Madhya Pradesh

Sutra Seva connects State to the Capital

The scheme of “MP Ki Apni Bus – Sutra Seva Scheme” was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23rd June 2018 in Indore at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The basic objective of the transport scheme is to facilitate easy connection of all divisional headquarters to the state’s capital, Bhopal. The scheme would also improve the connectivity of remote areas of the state to the capital city. The ‘Sutra Seva’ is an economic bus service for the people of Madhya Pradesh which would take them to their capital conveniently. On the first go, this operation would link 20 cities of the state to Bhopal.

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State and Central would look after

The scheme of ‘MP Ki Apni Bus’ is definitely a wonderful effort of the present government. The scheme would give relief to innumerable commuter every day who earlier faced great trouble in traveling to their capital city for any purpose. The scheme is intended for the transport system of the urban areas. The wonderful transport scheme is to be maintained by both the State and Central Government supervision. Obviously, the local bodies would give the real effort for the operation of this transport scheme under the guidance of State and Central Government. A wing of central government AMRUT Yojana which works in coordination with the private bodies would help in its operation. It can be mentioned that AMRUT is the ‘Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation Scheme’.

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Key Features of MP Ki Apni Bus

The MP Ki Apni Bus scheme has been designed to facilitate urban transport system of Madhya Pradesh. It has been started with a definite objective of connecting the people of the state with their capital city Bhopal. Let us throw light on the key features of this urban transport system.

  • 20 Cities would be covered initially

Initially, the scheme is planned to be implemented on 20 cities of the state which will be linked with the capital. Though initially, the Seva Scheme would connect 20 cities with the capital in the coming future, this scheme would connect all the areas within the state with the capital.

  • State Public transport would improve

This scheme would add up more buses in the bus communication of the state. Hence the transport system which was overburdened will run in a more systematic manner. Basically, the requirement of government transport system would be fulfilled for which the people of Madhya Pradesh are waiting longer. For long the transport system is highly dependent on the private sector and the public facility lacked a normal standard. Now gradually the innumerable people would the state would be benefited

  • Joint Venture

The scheme would work in the joined venture of both private and public bodies with the participation of local bodies. It would work under AMRUT Yojana. It has been observed in other states that this particular Yojana had improved transport system of those states a lot.

  • Urban Development Department would look after

The Urban Development Department would look into the operation of this Seva Scheme. The department would take all required steps to facilitate normal operation of this transport system.

  • Inter and intracity service

Provisions had been made in the scheme to operate the bus service in the scope of intra and intercity service as well.

  • Economic and Luxury service

Under the scheme, the people of Madhya Pradesh would be able to avail both luxury and economic bus service which is possible in the operation and would not make any difficulty in the operation of the bus service.

  • Safe Journey

The transport adopted by the Seva Scheme would be safer in comparison to the earlier transport system. This means that the people of Madhya Pradesh would be able to travel with many conveniences. The safety measures adopted by the scheme would make the transport system more reliable.

  • Advanced Devices

All the buses which would run within the scheme would be equipped with all the advanced devices used in the developed countries. Each bus would be equipped with GPS, PAS and PIS system.

  • Women Safety

Safety for women has always been a prime matter of concern for all government enterprises and Seva Scheme is no exception. The buses will ensure the safety of women commuters by adding inbuilt cameras which would take video pictures of the inside. The women and any affected person would be able to draw the attention of the staff by pressing panic buttons. It can be mentioned here that the safety system would have a direct link with Central Commanding Centers.

  • Grievance cell

The service has made a promise for the provision of the grievance system

  • Online Booking

Keeping pace with the modern world the bus service is having the facility of e-booking through mobile phones or official website.

For the successful implementation of the transport scheme, the state government has planned to hire more than 700 buses by calling tender. The service would cover 16 municipal corporations which come under 4 municipalities. At the beginning with 127 buses the ‘MP Ki Apni Bus’ would run in the areas of Bhopal, Gwalior, Devas,  Ratlam, Jabalpur, Morena, Indore, Ujjain, Satna, Katni, Khandwa, Bhind, Chhindwada, Vidisha, Rewa, Singrauli, Shivpuri, and Guna. Hope the bus service will make people happy by improving the state and public transport system.

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