Van Dhan Scheme 2018-19 – Govt. to Setup 3000 Van Dhan Kendras (30,000 SHGs)

By | July 13, 2018

Van Dhan Scheme 2018-19 {वन धन योजना विकास केंद्र ट्राइबल स्किल} – Govt. to Setup 3000 Van Dhan Kendras (30,000 SHGs): The Central Government has proposed to establish the scheme of 3000 Van Dhan Kendras under the Government scheme of 2018-19 Government policies. It has been informed by the authority that the Ministry of Tribal Affairs is about to establish about 30,000 self – dependent groups across the countries throughout India. Though the main focus is harnessing of the forest structures the other reason is the protection of the forest wealth as well.  The production of all the nation- timber products is counted to be around Rs.2 lakh. It is monitored that the money is fully utilized for the sole purpose of the welfare of the tribal community through the program of SHG. In the first phase of development, the scheme has inspired almost 115 schemes that have been implemented in many of the tribal areas. There are many other schemes like the Jan Dhan Scheme and the most reliable Gobar Dhan Scheme which are the initiation of the Modi government. This scheme is quite an effective one and was launched on the day of Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti.

The Van Dhan Scheme 2018-19 is aiming at providing a stable livelihood for tribal community. This can be done by the harness of the forest non-timber products that can manufacture quality products with the forest wealth (Van Dhan). The forest wealth has been estimated somewhere around 2 lakh per year. The mission behind such a proposal is to promote and collectively hold the strength of the tribal community. Van Dhan scheme has a huge potentiality to promote empowerment of the of the tribal.  The government focuses on the implementation of the tribal schemes that are very much accepted by many of the tribal communities. Some of the areas are still not getting the benefits and the government is looking forward to implementing the schemes in some of the tribal areas.

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Van Dhan Scheme 2018-19 – Govt. to Setup 3000 Van Dhan Kendras (30,000 SHGs)

Van Dhan Scheme

Van Dhan Scheme

What are the contexts of Van Dhan Scheme focuses on?

The Van Dhan scheme focuses mainly on the improvement of the traditional knowledge and working upon and setting the basic skills of the tribal community. This can be done through various kinds of traditional development and improvement in IT Technology for the addition of value. This will recreate the possible effects of the forest area of the tribal districts that will enhance the self-dependence of the tribal community. Those Kendras or the center of welfare will actually comprise of 10 tribal SHG. This group will comprise of 30 tribal communities who are skilled at making handicrafts. All of them are mainly artisans. Some of the other government departments also work simultaneously. All the working member of the tribal community is provided with a suitable training session that helps the community people to harvest using the right technology and sustainable harvesting.

  • The tribal community is made to know ways of harvesting and the right method of planting seeds.
  • They are given education on the means of collection of grown seeds.
  • They are made to know about the primary processing and the setting of crop price.

The government authorities have collaborated with various other help centers.  The government is providing a stipulated working capital to people who are given the training sessions. Even there are officials who are there to lead the group and assist the entire team in knowing all about the forest products whose production is within the state. The TRIFED associates are there to provide training and community support for technical upliftment.

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Some of the key highlights of the initiatives of Van Dhan

The scheme of Van Dhan is an intense initiative of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. As it is instructed the scheme was implemented by the Nodal department at the central level and TRIFED which is also considered a part of the National level. All the state collectors are strictly envisioned to play the role of the main initiator and implement the scheme regulation at a grass root level. The local Kendras have sincerely declared to the tribal community that all the centers will be managed by the Managing committee or the SHG that consists mainly of the core representative at the very grass root level. The centers are mainly managed by the Managing Committee and SHG cluster of Van Dhan.

  • At the unit level, all the job of product aggregation is done by the SHG that consist of about 30 members. Each of them is involved mainly in farming.
  • The center is fully equipped with the latest facilities for the batch of trainees who are provided with the raw material only for the sake of training. They are also supplied with a standard training kit, some brochures, and training manual booklets.
  • There is provision for the working capital for the cluster of SGH and also gets tied up with some financial institutions like NSTFDC and some banks.
  • The cluster of SGH within a single village can from Van Dhan Vikas Kendra. The trainees work successfully in terms of maintaining the business building and warehouses.

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How is forest production helping tribal people to earn a living?

There is an illustrative list of some of the major daily forest products like tamarind, mahua seeds, flowers, honey, chironjee, sal seeds, bamboo, mango for making amchur, tezpatta, cardamom, tea, coffee, and turmeric. There are many other products that can be gathered from the forest and comes in use in the life of the tribal people. It also helps them to earn their livelihood. The tribal people are being educated and trained by the government associates of Van Dhan and their repeated actions have made them get a secured future and earn their living through the harnessing of the forest cultivation.

The tribal are trained continuously to make better products and grow the much better quality of the crop. These attempts and initiatives have made them grow a better future with all the requirement of daily life at their doorstep. Today the initiative of Van Dhan has made it quite easy for the tribal community to think about their future prospects and act accordingly. Hope the program would eliminate the difficulty faced by the tribal people and ensure improved lifestyle.

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